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Simple search dialog

Standard search dialog

Advanced search dialog

One of the major strengths of DbNetGrid is it's powerful built-in searching capabilities that allow a user to find records quickly and efficiently. These search capabilities can be presented to the user at 3 different levels:Simple, Standard and Advanced


Simple Searching

The Simple Search Dialog is designed to offer the user a simple interface that makes it as easy as possible to find the records they want. By default, simple searching will match the entered search token against all the text fields in the data source giving the widest possible chance of finding a matching record. Simple searching can be refined to allow the entered search token to be compared against a group of fields specified at design-time. An example of this could be searching against a contact database using a name or part of a name. Simple search can be configured to take the value entered by the user and compare it against the first name, last name and e-mail address fields to give as big a chance as possible of finding the record. Multiple field groups can be defined and selected from a drop-down list.

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Standard Searching

The Standard Search Dialog opens up the full power of relational searching to the user in a simple intuitive dialog. Any field in the data source can be added to the dialog which will automatically recognise the type of data held in the field and offer the appropriate search operators. Search criteria for different fields can be used in combination so that records must match all or at least one on the specified criteria. Searches can be further refined by selecting the "Search Within Results" option.


Advanced Searching

For power users the Advanced Serarch Dialog allows you to create composite queries by combining query sets created using the Standard Search Dialog. This is a very powerful capability that allows user to create queries limited only by their imagination.