DbNetcopy. Cross vendor data copy utility and API  


Edit dialog

The Edit Dialog allows the user to add or modify a selected database record. When the dialog opens an input element is automatically generated and configured for each field based on the underlying data type. For example, date fields are automatically configured to have an adjacent calendar button and will automatically display and validate date values based on the server culture. All entered data is automatically validated to ensure the integrity of the underlying database. The Edit Dialog is easily customisable to allow for custom validation can supplemented as required with custom field and row validation. The Edit Dialog includes the following enhanced built-in capabilities:

  • Automatic data type validation
  • Automatic pop-up calendar for date/time fields
  • Drop-down, pop-up and searchable lookup lists
  • HTML/Text editor for large text fields
  • Upload capability for linking documents to database records
  • Custom formatting for date/time and numeric fields
  • Support for the editing of images held in database BLOB fields
  • Integrated optimistic locking to prevent multiple users from changing the same record.