DbNetcopy. Cross vendor data copy utility and API  

Our Customer Comments...

DbNetGrid is, without a doubt, the single best purchase that my company has made in its six years of developing web-based applications for the environmental industry.

From a user viewpoint, the product offers many features that are comparable to those found in client-server applications built upon Access. These include the ability to search on any field and to sort on two or more fields.

The ease and speed in which data can be downloaded to such products as Word and Excel is simply phenomenal. In our testing, 1,100 records from a 15,000 record table and 17,000 records from a 100,000+ record table were downloaded to Excel in 3 and 29 seconds respectively. From a developer's viewpoint, DbNetGrid has cut by over 80% the amount of time it takes to develop a grid. With a basic template in place, simple grids can be developed with as few as four or five lines of code.

What has most impressed me personally is the wealth of features available in DbNetGrid if one is interested in going beyond the basics. On almost every occasion that I have thought of a feature that I would like to include in one of my grids, I have pulled up the Help module and found that DbNetGrid's developers have included the exact property or function that I need. We are just beginning to utilize DbNetGrid's data editing and entry capabilities but from what we have seen, our intention is to use DbNetGrid whenever we can to develop new pages for our web applications.

In short, this is a phenomenal tool that I can't recommend highly enough.

Gregory R. Buckle, Ph.D, Director Of Data Management Services, Locus Technologies

Thanks so much for a great product and all of your assistance in developing extensions for our recent server-side-processing requirement.

As I mentioned, we find DBNetGrid to be a superbly finished and supported product.

Mike Sanders, Manager, Technical Operations DATAMATX, Inc.

Finance department likes your grid a lot!.
Bijan Atri, Telnet Inc, Rockville, MD

I have to tell you... this product is worth every penny and then some!
Dennis Brown, Applications Support Analyst, John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System

Initially, we were simply looking for a way of presenting the data which runs our business and helps our decision makers in a web-enabled way rather than re-coding our Access database programs. What we found was an incredibly feature rich product that would allow us to rapidly create information grids as well as data input and update forms out-of-the-box. Then we looked under the hood and discovered the programming interface and a wealth of examples to help us create feature-rich applications. All backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone considering Web-Enabling their databases and writing database applications for Web use.
Stuart Rickler, Manager IT & Data, Universal Office Automation

Many thanks for all your hard work and perseverance, I have found each time I have contacted support they have always found a solution to my problem(s).

This makes a pleasant change from support from other companies.

Excellent stuff keep up the good work.

Barry Joyce, Law Labs

Thanks again for an incredible product. It has cut my development time by over 50%.
Scott Barrow, Director of Information Technology, BSquare Corporation

I really like DbNetGrid, I looked at many many other grids but this is the one I am using. I need a grid to edit tables to maintain a database and yours is the best.
Gregory F. Hogg, Hoggs Software

This past week, I was able to put out 119 reports. Without DbNetGrid, it would have been weeks, if not months !
Glenn Elkins, Project Consultant, Dell Computer Corporation

Using your grid as a filtering mechanism has been a phenomenal time saver for me. The end users have been able to jump right in, with little training, and find the data that they need. It's a very nice package!
John Kress, INCOMPASS, INC, Champlin, MN USA

As the Web Architect for a large church in Dallas, Texas, I work with many service providers for mission critical applications, and by far, the DbNetGrid support has been consistently the best. Their follow up to requests and their knowledge of their product, .Net, and JavaScript is unmatched.

I would gladly recommend your product on the support alone.

Jason Kergosien, Web Architect, Covenant Church

Thanks! it works great! If you guys have any comment cards or tech evals. send me one and I'll fill it out for you.
Johnny Chang, Accenture

Your product is working fantastically and has indeed saved us a lot of coding time. I appreciate all your support.
Jose Martinez, Bank Of America

You did it! You created a web-based report writer at a reasonable price.
Howard Hammerman, Pres., Hammerman Associates, Inc.

... although only having DbNetGrid for a few days it has saved me weeks of coding time ...
Paul Hobbs, IT Manager, Barkland (UK) Limited

All I can say is that I will continue to leverage your products in my code. Thus far they have been very time saving and development friendly, but most of all your CS/Sales response time and resolutions have been fantastic.
Scott Kansas, SPK Consulting Inc

We have just started using DbNetGrid and are really impressed and happy with its capabilities and reliability. I shall definitely recommend your product to other developers
Dr. Sukhen Dey, Chairman of Computing Science, Indiana University Southeast

Let me tell you that I'm really impressed by the great job you have done with your company. You've really encapsulated the IE DOM in a perfect way in order to simplify developers job.
Philippe GRAÇA, Technical Manager, HyperObjects

The grid itself is really great and has been remarkebly easy to implement. On top of that, the response times and level of support from both your sales staff, and support staff has been excellent.
John Butler, IT Energy

Thanks, your product is so Smashing! The best money I have spent (4-processor version). ... Again thank you for the support, Top Notch in every regards.
Carolus Holman, Web Developer, Turner Construction

Thank you for your help, the product is fantastic. Great job on design, layout, functionality etc, it has saved us a lot of time.
Joseph Ballard, VP Infinex Investments Inc.

Thank you very much for the help - the code you provided worked and cleared up the problem I was experiencing - again thank you, and I am as always impressed with the supprot provided by DBNETGRID
David Roider, Oceana Publications, Inc.

I was almost moved by the quality of your product and your kind and fast response, that also anticipated some questions I would have asked.

Congratulations for the seemingly impossible feat to make better a great product.

Guido Gambardella, TDD Tecnologie Digitali

It has been a pleasure to do business with you.
José Miguel Oneca González, SM2 Baleares

Great product. Very impressed. Best licensing terms and upgrade policy. An incredible product for the price. I will use this a lot.
Jay Gingrich

My lookup with 9000 records is coming up in 4 seconds as opposed to the 45 seconds it was taking yesterday. Thanks.
Matt Adams, Senior Engineer, ClearPointe Technology Group

First Off: This product looks and works Great! A job well done! Very Pleased with what I see.

I just finished an initial review of the DbNetGrid Designer and WOW! it looks fantastic. I just created a simple grid program in 2 minutes.

Jeff Besch

The grids look beautiful and work well.
Leo Cohn, Barclays Global Investors

I am impressed how easy it is to get data from database and display it on web using DbNetGrid.
Bill Wong, BHP Steel

Hey there. I love your grid. started using it this morning and you made it so easy for me to look really good...

Thanks for your help on the previous problems. The grid is working super for me. Everyone likes using it here. You truly made my life easy.

I wanted to tell you that if you ever need me for a resource or a case study feel free to give my info to new potential customers. I would be more than happy to give you guys a great recommendation.

Nehme Rouphael, Developer, Snapper, Inc

just wanted to congratulate you guys for spectacular work
Rahul, NuSpeech Communications Corporation

Downloaded your product today and I love it...
Ryan R Arcilla, Spear, Leeds and Kellogg

I downloaded the demo version of your product, and have not seen as user friendly, and feature rich of a grid utility anywhere else on the market.
Thomas Gage, Autotrader.com

Thanks in advance - it is an excellent product.
Darren Hall, Adline Web Design Ltd

You know, you need someplace on your site where those of us who are falling in love with your products can post our comments - like a testimonial section.

I have already recommended you to three other people !

Jon Unglert, IX Technologies

Excellent! This is working great for me. The time function works wonderful.
Tim Larson, Koch Industries

I have found that DBNetGrid has saved me, and continues to, on development time providing solutions that impact patient and employee safety and security. As well, I can provide solutions to accessing mission critical data in the daily operations of our facilities. The times I have needed assistance from your company, it has been timely and straight forward. Lets face it, the product is as intuitive as they come and for those times I struggle, I seem to be able to get the results I am looking for.
Dennis Brown, Applications Support Analyst, John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System

great component GREAT SUPPORT...THANKS
Rodolfo Garzon, The Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of Saint Barnabas