DbNetcopy. Cross vendor data copy utility and API  
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Spending too much time writing web applications and reports ?

DbNetGrid can help you.
  •  No coding required. Integrated GUI Designer allows you to publish directly to your web-site.
  •  Built-in functionality. Search, navigate, sort, update, add, delete, export, upload, link, filter, nest, print, copy and much more ...
  •  Designed with performance and scalability in mind. See DbNetGrid run against over 360,000 records.
  •  Seamless MS Office integration to create Excel charts and Word mail-merges.
  •  Browser based and AJAX enabled to give a responsive user experience.
  •  Robust managed server-side code powered by ASP.NET.
  •  Fully encapsulated component. Integrates easily with any .htm, .asp or .aspx web page.
  •  Implement as a client-side JavaScript object or a server-side server control.
  •  Grids can be linked or nested together to create powerful data mining applications.
  •  Integrates with other DbNetSuite components.
  •  Server-control support for Visual Studio integration.
  •  Save and restore run-time configuration with User Profiles.New in 3.1
  •  Supports totals and sub-totals.New in 3.1
  • Optimised database support for SQL Server 2000, MSDE 2000, SQL Server 2005/8, SQL Server Express 2005/8, Oracle, Firebird, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Access, Visual FoxPro, InterSystems Caché, Informix, Advantage, Pervasive, PostgreSQL, VistaDB and Progress.
  •  Simple server-based licensing.
  •  Fully customisable.
  •  Cross-browser, IE and Firefox supported

Download today and have great looking, functional web applications running against your data in minutes.

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