DbNetcopy. Cross vendor data copy utility and API  


DbNetSuite is our AJAX component suite which enables the rapid creation of highly functional web applications in a fraction of the time taken using other methods. DbNetSuite facilitates the creation of complete web applications that interface with the database and file systems using a group of components designed to work together. DbNetSuite comprises:

DbNetGrid is a fully encapsulated web-based grid component designed as a fast and flexible way of presenting and updating database information in a browser environment. Designed with performance and scalability in mind DbNetGrid can happily work with 100,000's of rows of data.

DbNetEdit is a fully encapsulated web-based form component designed to present and maintain database information within a browser environment. DbNetEdit includes full validation and lookup capabilities including the ability to upload documents and associate them with a database record.

DbNetFile is a fully encapsulated web-based interface to the file system. With DbNetFile you can create a simple document management system in a matter of minutes. 


DbNetCombo is a fully encapsulated web-based combo box component designed to make the creation of database driven lists as easy as possible. DbNetCombo is highly optimised making the creation of dynamic lists both quick and efficient with the ability to load 1000's of items in a fraction of a second.

DbNetList is a fully encapsulated web-based list component that builds on the capabilities of DbNetCombo. With DbNetList you can quickly add database driven lists, drop-downs, trees and checkbox lists to your own web pages.

DbNetSpell is a fully encapsulated web-based spell-checking component. It's ease of use means that it is ideally suited to situations where spell-checking capabilities are required in existing web applications.

Click on one of the samples below to see live examples of how DbNetSuite components working together.